If you’re here, you want to chat! And that is fantastic. It’s no small thing to be trusted with this huge day in your lives and we value that trust more than you know. Please reach out with any thoughts, concerns, or fantastic jokes that Jojo can add to his arsenal. We would love to hear from you and we hope to meet you soon. PS: if you don't hear back with us within 24-48 hours, please contact us directly at info@jojopang.com

2018 Travel Dates:
Cancun, Mexico - June 15-18
Cancun, Mexico - November 8-13
  • Please do not say all of them, We ask this for a reason =)
  • We can't promise that we can work with all types of budgets, we still have to make a living. But maybe we can work something out to benefit the both of us. We are extremely easy to talk to so please be open and honest!
  • Humble-bragging is encouraged! Let us know how your little idiosyncrasies that make your relationship work and set you apart from the rest.
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