We’re not gonna lie. We’re a little awkward. But we’ve found that this takes the pressure off of the people we photograph. If we are the ones bringing the awkward, you get to relax. We’re all in this together.

Jojo is the dreamer in this duo. He sets his sights on a goal and does not stop until it is accomplished. Linda not only supports him in this, but pushes him when it feels too big. She is great at keeping him on task, both in life and on a wedding day.

Linda cries at commercials. She laughs harder at her own jokes than anyone else’s. She also has a snort that sometimes accompanies that laugh that Jojo can’t get enough of. And that’s why he became the king of making dad jokes—kinda like a comedian that will never make it. If you hire us, you’ll hear lots of them, so get ready.

But honestly, us making a fool of ourselves is half the fun when we are shooting. Our couples loosen up and they feel free to be silly, goofy, and in love. Which is exactly how they should feel on their wedding day.

We see weddings as an extension of our own love.

When we are in sync with each other, we absolutely see the result in our photographs. Weddings bring back all these incredible feelings of nostalgia, reminding us of why we fell in love and why we choose to document it for other people.

We try to take notice of the love and the good in the world every day. Photographing weddings makes that really easy for us. It’s taken us all over the world and helped us find a little magic wherever we go.

We are so grateful to do what we do and that so many amazing people trust us with such important memories. We aren’t your typical photographers—we break the mold for sure. We do this to have fun, to help guide and support brides and grooms, putting them first on their wedding day. We hope you’ll join our list of couples soon!

P.S. It’s pronounced Pan-Juh-lee-nan. We know it’s tough. If you want to call us the Pongalongs, that’s just fine.