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Your wedding will no doubt be an incredible event. Family and your closest friends will gather near and far to witness your marriage to one another, to watch your story unfold right before their eyes. All the planning you will do leading up to your wedding date will bring you both closer together. Nerves will arise while you are getting ready. New chapters in life will begin when placing those rings on each other’s fingers, and time will stand still during that first kiss. We’ve been through it all before!

Building that right relationship with our couples is very important to us. So please provide me with as many details about you and your event so we may better serve you.
We limit the number of weddings each year to travel. Availability is limited.

With that being said, our basic coverage begins at $3999.00
Print Collection Packages begin at $4300.00

Based in Dallas, Texas and New York City; we travel and document weddings worldwide.
Currently booking weddings for 2017 and 2018.

Our Current 2016 Travel Dates:
April 17 – 27 – Tokyo, Japan
May 13-16 – New York, New York
August 11-13 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
August 14-17 – Barcelona, Spain
August 18- 21- Rome, Italy
August 22-24 – Venice, Italy
August 25-27 – Paris, France
August 28-Sept. 1st – London, England
September 13-18 – Brooklyn, New York

Our Current 2017 Travel Dates:
Breckenridge, Colorado – Jan 11th-15th
Vancouver, Canada – February 12th-17th
Seattle, Washington – April 27th-29th
Portland, Oregon – April 29th-May 1st
New York City –  May 19th-22nd
Brooklyn, NY –  June 1st-5th
Chicago, IL – June 15th-16th
San Francisco, California – Sept. 1st-3rd
New Jersey – Sept. 8th – 10th
Little Rock, Arkansas -Sept. 21-24th
Cleveland, Ohio – October 5th-8th
New Orleans, Louisiana – November 2nd-5th
Dripping Springs, Texas – November 10th-12th

2018 Travel Dates:
Cancun, Mexico – June 15-18

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